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Welcome to Spruce Ridge
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We are excited to announce that we have sold our retail business to our friends Suzanne and Bob Werner of Green River Hollow Farm in Hillsdale, NY.  Effective April 2, they will take over the Hudson store at 521 Warren Street and the online business.

After 18 years of retailing alpaca products on the farm, at outside events and various locations in Hudson, we are ready for a change and to move on to new opportunities.  We have enjoyed operating the store and having many of you visit the farm.  This sale is a great opportunity for the business we developed to continue and grow. The Werners, with their family assisting them, will bring new energy to the business, while still providing you with a source of alpaca socks and more!  The new name of their store will be "Fluff: An Alpaca Boutique."

Our last day in the store is Sunday, April 1st, after which we will return to the relatively quieter life of the farm in Old Chatham.

Steve & Jeff

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Friday - Monday 11:00 - 5:00
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521 Warren Street, Hudson, NY

Hours will change seasonally. Please check hours.

Also visit our Online store, accessible on The Alpaca Shop page. Offering a limited selection of our most popular items.
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Located in the beautiful, historic Hudson Valley, Spruce Ridge Farm is a working farm where raising alpacas for fiber is the main focus of the farm's operation. We also raise pigs, chickens and turkeys.