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Spruce Ridge Farm is forty-eight acres of rolling hills and beautiful woodlands.  Guinea fowl and chickens range freely through the fields creating humorous interplay with the alpacas while also providing control of ticks, slugs and weed seeds.  We have fourteen acres of secure, fenced paddocks around the barn that allows us to rotate the alpacas through seven different fields, providing the animals with adequate space and plenty of fresh grass to enjoy.  

In the summer evenings, as the sun goes down,  the crias have a ritual of running (actually leaping!) through the fields.  It is a joy to watch - life doesn't get much better than this!

Beyond Alpacas

Over the years, we've added other creatures to the farm. Chickens and Guinea fowl arrived early on. Black Angus cattle first arrived in the spring of 2005, and pigs in 2010. Later we breed a cross of heritage pigs including Berkshire, and Gloucestershire Old Spot. We loved each of these animals and feel fortunate to enjoy so much food produced here on the farm. We're proud supporters of buying and eating locally produced food.
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Willa & Sophie - Willa is an Australian Labradoodle and our constant companion around the farm. She was joined by Sophie (here just 10 weeks old).
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